Entrysign Sanitise And Trace

EntrySign Screen, Sanitise & Trace
In the video titled “Entrysign Sanities and Trace”, the company EntrySign introduces Screen, Sanities, & Trace to help ensure your organization is covid safe. With the help of animations, they show what their system has to offer such as touch free visitor sign into the premise.
It is shown that visitors’ simply scan the QR code on the touch free screen with their mobile device where they will continue the sign in process. Going on to the sign in prosses, they have body temperature scanning to ensure visitors and employees are covid save. This touch free body temperature screening is quick and easy as it only takes two or more seconds to scan.  If body temperatures are higher than normal, the system can also have the option to enforce visitors to wear a face masks when entering the premises or, deny access to a personal that have a temperature that is too high and considered unsafe.
The video then describes the new smart connected sanitization system after checking in to encourage visitors to sanitize before entering. Information is also recorded when a sanitizing station is used. By recording this data, it is shown how often visitors and employees are sanitizing. EntrySign can easily trace people who are symptomatic or have contacted covid 19. They conclude this video with a few parting words about the system.

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