DeepSight Face Mask Detection

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  • July 2, 2021
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DeepSight Face Mask Detection
Introduction: This video, DeepSight Face Mask Detection from Sightcorp, shows how to wear different masks correctly with DeepSight face mask detection. The first mask shown is the N95 mask. The video shows that once you have put on the N95 mask properly, the detection will show up green and show “with mask” on the screen. If you do not have the mask on properly (if the mask is below your nose, around your chin, not covering your mouth, not hooked around both ears, etc), the detection will turn red and show “no mask” on the screen. The next masks shown are the non-medical mask blue and white. Once again, if the mask is worn properly, the detection will show “with mask” and if it is not worn properly or if you cover the mask with your hands, it will show “no mask.” The next mask shown is the Pitta mask purple. The same steps of putting on the mask properly and improperly are repeated with this mask. Lastly, the video shows other covers that could be incorrectly used as a mask, such as a shirt, hands, hair, and cloth. For all of these, the detection system will come up red and show “no mask.”

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