Data Accusation And Control System

IoT, Data Accusation And Control System Automation In Bangladesh – MicrotechBD


In this video from MicrotechBD Systems titled “Data Accusation And Control System,” the IoT development and automation solutions in Bangladesh are displayed in a descriptive animation. 
IoT, standing for the Internet of Things, is a network of things or objects that are embedded with many innovative technologies. Some of these technologies include software, sensors, and more. The future projections of IoT are very positive and it is predicted to consist of around 50 billion things or objects in the year 2020.
Microtech has a 5 step process of incorporating IoT in industries. The first step is Input, meaning the company or industry must decide on future goals and what they are striving for by using IoT. The second step is Capture, meaning capturing the data in order to plan out how IoT will be used efficiently across many platforms. The third step is Solution, where coming up with an efficient solution means it must be reliable, accurate, compatible with other industries, easily adaptable, measurable, and have guaranteed excellent performance. The fourth step is Converting, where the analysis will begin by converting the data into information using SQL. The final step is Output, where it can finally be used and is easily accessible on many platforms.
Some industries that incorporate IoT today are Agriculture, Sports, Healthcare, Smart Energy, and Logistics.
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