Company Wants The IoT Platform

Hazer Talks: Why May Your Company Want The IoT Platform?


In “Company Wants The IoT Platform” provided by KLOUDIP, a Technological Officer, Yasintha Vithanage, answers questions about the HAZER loT platform. HAZER is a white label IoT application that is easy to use, accurate, and has good value. It remotely works with sensors and equipment to ensure good data on applications.
If you are tired of using usual methods with getting data, such as building management systems and writing results down, HAZER can replace these routines. HAZER also picks up on statistics quickly so users can know if there is an issue. For example, users can look at a fridge’s temperature and humidity to see if they have stored food correctly.
Businesses that HAZER can significantly benefit include ones with lots of supply in items, farms, production plants and warehouses. Instead of walking over to a colleague’s office with your results, they will receive the results. In addition, system integrators who use HAZER can rebrand it by renaming it and using different logo colors.
In the future, HAZER may add more features such as reports. HAZER may also allow system integrators to work with other systems such as predictive maintenance or preventive maintenance. You can use a monthly description for this IoT application with no contracts.
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