Collision Avoidance System

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  • July 2, 2021
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Wipelot SafeZone Collision Avoidance System
Introduction: This video from Wipelot IoT shows Wipelot’s SafeZone Collision Avoidance System. Maintaining occupational health and safety is extremely important in industrial areas where forklifts and people work together. Wipelot’s Collision Warning system with active RFID technology prevents forklift related accidents by measuring the distance between forklifts and employees. By defining warning and danger zones in the safe zone device that is deployed in the forklifts, Safe Zone creates a 360-degree safe area around the vehicle. Dangerous, risky, and safe areas can be defined individually for each vehicle to allow for personal optimization. When a forklift or person violates the safe zone, the control unit will send both audio and video warning signals to warn the forklift driver and person that could be in harm’s way. This ensures that both the person and forklift driver are quickly made aware that someone is in violation of the safe area and have adequate time to return to a safe zone and avoid a potentially dangerous accident. Overall, this system helps ensure employee safety and helps facilitate an effective solution in industrial areas where forklifts and people work together.

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