Cloud Computing Transform

How Can Cloud Computing Transform Your Business? | 11:FS Explores
Introduction: In the video titled “Cloud Computing Transform,” 11 FS explores how cloud computing can transform your business. He first begins discussing what cloud computing is. He then discusses how cloud computing is evolutionarily in this new era of technology.
Next, he discusses the two types of cloud, these two clouds being public cloud and the private cloud. He then discusses some companies that use specific types of clouds. After he discusses infrastructure as a service, he then begins to go into detail about platform as a service. Next, he discusses software as a service, using examples to help the viewers understand it better.
He then goes into deeper detail of both private and public cloud. Next, he discusses the reasons why you should use private cloud, giving a list of the pros. After going over the list, he then goes into deeper detail of each of these pros for private cloud computing.
At the end, he gives a summary of the whole video, covering everything he discussed. The video is concluded with his perspective on cloud computing and how to transform a business. A link to watch more videos and a subscribe button to get alerts when new videos are posted.
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Fundamentals Of Cloud Computing

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