Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

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  • June 22, 2021
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Kemsys BLE Modules – Bluetooth Low Energy Modules
Introduction: In the video titled “Bluetooth Low Energy Modules,” Kemsys Technologies discusses some of their Bluetooth low energy devices. She is discussing their bio sensors of Bluetooth low energy modules. She shows some of the demo kits of the Bluetooth low energy devices.
Then, the speaker presents the Bluetooth device that is put in the software. She shows the KT1010 Bluetooth mesh IOT module as well as the KT102 for Bluetooth mesh IOT module. She then mentions what is supported with these Bluetooth modules.
She then gives a demonstration of the system working using gas as an example. In this example she gets up close with the modules showing them operating through this example. She then uses another example of temperature reading Bluetooth system.
Then, she discusses each part of the system and how it helps operates it. She didn’t give us a close look at the Bluetooth module, showing where the pressure sensor is located on the card. She then concludes the video with a few parting words and leaves information to contact them. Some of the information that she left to contact is an email and a phone number to get more information on the Kemsys Technologies Bluetooth low energy modules.
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