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  • June 22, 2021
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BLE on ESP32 | Controlling Appliances Via BLE | Services & Characteristics In BLE |ESP32 Series – TechieSms
Introduction: In the video titled “BLE On ESP32,” Techiesms, a technology sharing company, goes over how BLE is better than Bluetooth appliances and also coves how to control appliances using BLE.
The speaker first goes over how the system works and how he is going to connect his phone to the device being shown. Then he shares his screen, showing code of the BLS system describing each and every part of it. Then the speaker does a Google search of what BLE UUID is to give a better description to the viewers of what exactly it is.
The video then goes back to the BLE code, giving more descriptions of how it works and identifying code to the viewers in the system. He discusses how the data is collected and how you can personally customize it. He then describes which mobile devices are supported with BLE systems and which are not supported.
Then, he demonstrates with an iPhone how the BLE system works through an application. During the demonstration with the mobile device, he refers to the coding that was shown earlier in the video on his laptop. The video is then concluded with a few parting words about BLE systems as well as referencing his channel and to look out for more videos.

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