Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Top Benefits Of Cloud Computing
Introduction: In the video titled “Benefits of Cloud Computing,” it discusses some of the benefits that come with using cloud computing. It begins with discussing the cost of cloud computing and how it is very cost-efficient for a business. Next it discusses the speed of cloud computing, saying data can be created within minutes.
The next benefit they discuss about cloud computing is on a global scale. Any information that may be needed can be sent to any location at any time, making operations run more efficiently. The video discusses how cloud computing can help your company run more officially by having less hardware to deal with and operate. They discuss the performance of cloud computing.
Most of cloud computing runs on a global network in a secure data center. These global secure networks are consistently updated to make sure they are secure and run more efficiently. Next, they discussed security of the cloud computing system. 
Can you guess how there are policies within the technology top control security? It helps protect your app’s data and infrastructure from any theft. Finally, they conclude the video with their logo, as well as, provide an email address and a website link for obtain more information.
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Drivers & Risks

The Business Benefits Of Cloud Computing

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