Automatic RFID Student Tracking

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  • June 4, 2021
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Automated RFID Student Tracking System Product Explainer Skoolsmart Video


This video by SkoolSmart Video displays the SkoolSmart badge. SkoolSmart has created an automatic RFID tracking system for schools and parents, with the ability to track a child’s location while en route to and from school, and while on campus. Monitored in real time by Skoolsmart managers, the SkoolSmart badge tracks every step the child takes throughout the day. The parent gets appropriate alerts on their mobile phone. En-Route Surveillance tells the parent the location of the school bus. Once the child arrives on campus, there is no need for the teacher to take attendance because that task has been assigned to SkoolSmart’s automatic systems. Then, the SkoolSmart manager and teacher can monitor children throughout the school day. When school time is over, the child will be tracked while commuting home on the school bus. Furthermore, if the parent is unable to pick up their child, they can upload a photo of an alternative person that can pick up their child instead. In total, there are seven modules built around the SkoolSmart badge –  Campus Solution, Automated Attendance, In-School Zoning, Smart Pickup, Route Optimization, Parent and Visitor Management, and En-Route Surveillance – all help to enable the safety of the child in a more robust manner.

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