Energy Efficiency and Remote Site Management

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  • June 15, 2022
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Kelly Hill, Shahar Milman, Enterprise IoT Insights  

Topics: Galooli, Remote, IoT, AI, GPS 
Transcript Excerpt
Kelly Hill is interviewing Shahar Milman who is the VP of business development at Galooli. Galooli focuses on IoT and AI-powered solutions for telecommunication companies. According to Shahar, we are at a tipping point where there are not enough data scientists to support the new infrastructure that IoT provides. This is why his company works with telecommunication providers in three different verticals. The first is energy-efficient solutions. They offer batteries, generators, and specialty lights to cut down on energy use. The speaker notes that reducing their carbon footprint is one of the most important things they can do.  The second vertical they offer is battery-powered remote solutions.  They work with OEMs and distributors to be able to implement these measures. The third vertical is fleet mobility. The company creates EV solutions for cars, forklifts and other devices that could use them.  
The next section of the interview is going over the different services that Galooli provides. By using their services users can save on operation costs, run a more efficient business, and increase revenue. They also ensure that remote sites and assets perform optimally. The covid-19 pandemic in 2020 showed Shahar that remote solutions are incredibly important. Many worksites were shut down or slowed down because of the pandemic. Other work sites became impossible to access and had to be shut down. The batteries they provide will also be able to save lives. This can be demonstrated during the California wildfires when people were not given evacuation alerts because the power system failed. After the wildfires, a law was passed where telecommunication providers had to have at least 72 hours of backup power. The batteries created by this company can be used and not leave a large carbon footprint. Furthermore, Galooi offers an anti-theft protection service using GPS. If someone stole a battery it would be easy to track down. This allows users to easily track where the batteries, generators, or the location of any other product.  
The final section of the interview involves talking about the ease of use in using their IoT solution. All data is available in a data center which is user-friendly and incorporates all services. This allows users to easily keep track of all IoT and AI solutions. This is called a one software solution which is easy to implement for any telecommunication provider. AI analytics also ensure that the business is running as optimal as possible. The interview then concludes.     


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