Edge Computing Its Architectures and Applications

Transcript Summary:

Edge computing moves the computation, networking and storage capabilities of the cloud closer to IoT devices and network endpoints. This can create many advantages in la- tency, trustworthiness, efficiency and the capabilities of networks. This talk will start with some motivations for moving portions of computing from the cloud to the edge, including round-trip latency, network bandwidth cost, security, privacy, safety, reliability and resilience. It will then survey several edge computing use cases from industry verticals such as connected transporta- tion, smart cities/buildings, medical, smart grids and agriculture. Then, it will describe several architecture alternatives for edge computing, including ETSI MEC, and the recently-announced edge computing framework from the Industrial Internet Consortium. The configuration, man- agement, orchestration and ongoing operation of edge networks will be addressed. Finally, we will discuss some practicalities in the design, installation, operation and lifecycle cost optimiza- tion of edge computing. Along the way, we will look at software and hardware design patterns, and some of the suppliers and partnerships that are shaping the edge computing market. We will conclude with Q&A, and an open discussion of where edge is heading.  


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