Document Tracking System Free Download – Free Template 2022

Topics: Document, Processing, DLC (Development Life Cycle), Database, System 
Transcript Excerpt
 A database-driven system that will automate the school document processing system is known as an online document processing system. The system will act as a centralised repository for school documents. As an educational institution, schools must process a variety of documents, such as student transcripts of records, diplomas, and other school documents that students may require for whatever valid reason. Students used to have to physically go to the school to make a request, which could take a long time. When students requested the documents, schools printed hard copies for them. Given how technologically driven we are now, this strategy is somewhat out of date. The researchers attempted to solve this problem by utilising an IT-based approach. 
The researchers wanted to create an online platform where students and the school registrar could transact about school document processing. The Capstone Project’s online document processing system for the school, is designed to make it easier for students to process school documents at the Registrar’s office. PHP will be used to design and develop the project. My bootstrap and SQL. As part of this initiative, the old method of processing school paperwork will be phased out. Hard copies will be replaced by digital school documents. The software development lifecycle will be used to develop the project. When the system has been developed using the DLC technique, which follows a step-by-step process, the researchers will present it to the target end users for assessment and evaluation. School registrars and students will participate in the study for the intended end users. A panel of IT professionals will also evaluate the project and make recommendations for future improvements. The researchers will then make changes to the system based on the evaluation results. The use of technology will streamline and simplify the school’s document processing system. The primary goal of the project is to automate the school document processing system efficiently and effectively. The following goals are specifically targeted by the researchers. One is to do away with the manual method of processing school documents, two to digitally transform copies of school documents so that they can be downloaded by students, three we will create a system that will act as a centralised repository for school documents, and fourth will be electronically streamlined transactions between students and the registrar’s office.Five to assess the system’s user acceptability, effectiveness, productivity, quality, and dependability. The study’s significant findings prompted the researchers to strongly recommend the system. The researchers propose a system for its efficiency and dependability, which can be delivered to the intended end users. To properly use the system, the researchers recommend that the end user become acquainted with its features and functions. The researchers recommend that schools, specifically the school registrar, install the system in the office to efficiently process the students’ requested documents. Using the online platform, they can quickly respond to student inquiries. Students should also register in the system so that they can request school documents quickly and easily. 

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