DBMS – Database System Applications

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  • January 10, 2022
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Topics: DBMS, System Applications, Software

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DBMS and System Applications are discussed. Database Management System (DBMS) is a software designed to store, retrieve, define, and manage data in a database with different applications. The presenter discusses different cases involving DBMS. 

There are many different cases involving DBMS. In the case of a database with detailed information that has accounts, information, loans and banking transactions the banking staff details are included. Account details are kept in the respective database or the banking related applications. In the case of airlines, reservation of tickets, cancellation of tickets and schedule information about which flight will be going and passenger related information, will go in the airlines database. University’s student and course information and registration of different students in multiple different courses and the results after the exams. The results will be stored into the respective DBMS with the grades. In the case of credit card transactions, patches on credit cards and generation of monthly bills, are kept in the respective database. Daily communications information of the communication network with different IP addresses have different bandwidths. Keeping records on call generates balance on prepaid calling cards. They are much habituated to have this particular data in access. The data is kept in the respective database. In the case of finance related databases, this is the most common information to be kept. In the case of manufacturing for management of supply chain and for tracking production of items in factories, inventories of items in the warehouses or in the stocks or in the stores, and the order of four items made and generated, all system applications information will be kept in the respective database made for the manufacturing. The human resource for system applications information about employees, salaries, payroll, taxes and benefits. 


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