Cloud Transformation for Enterprises

Transcript Summary:

How to move dinosaur like legacy/on-prem infrastructure into Tardigrade (most adaptable animal) like cloud infrastructure. Tardigrade can live in Ice, dessert, harshest climate and outer space. They have such a strong DNA it can withstand X-rays and radiation. Every en- terprise that is in existence today has technical debt, they started building apps to serve busi- ness and it is on legacy infrastructure. Now the IT moved from enabler to existential. Recent pandemic saw the technology adoption of 2 years with every 2 months. How to convert existing apps of dinosaur in IT age to Tardigrade of cloud age. We will discuss about the strategies to move to cloud age without existing technical debt. How to make enterprise not only cloud ready but cloud first. At the same time how not to get locked in with a single cloud vendor. What strat- egies enterprises should adapt to be nimbler, customer centric and future proof. We will discuss about skill set, toolset and mindset shift needed for the journey.  


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