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Finally, we have low-frequency RFID or for short, LF RFID. Despite having a shorter read range and a slower data read rate, this frequency is used in environments where the presence of metal or liquids are present. The devices or systems that decide to operate on this frequency are called Low-Frequency RFID Systems. Since the proximity range for readings is small in this frequency, LF tags are commonly used in areas where a short read range is acceptable.

The RFID systems that operate on low-frequency have a read range up to 10cm. This specific type of frequency has a range from 30 kHz to 300 kHz. The LF tags are passive and do not require a battery or a power source. Even though tags tend to be more expensive than other tags, lf tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are also able to penetrate through metal and work in watery environments.

The application of this frequency is that it provides an increased level of security because the RFID system that operates on low-frequency will only work when the tag is close to the reader. Hence, this tag is strongly encouraged to be used during the process of sensitive information exchange. Additionally, this tag can also be used to start a car by embedding the tag into the key and having the reader within the car. By doing this, the tag will only be read when the user is close to the car.