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eSIM, also known as the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module, is a different and more developed form of SIM card. Unlike SIM, eSIM is a digital SIM where the physical nano-SIM card is not required instead the card is directly built into the smartphone itself from the beginning. This is a technology that is released in 2016, where carrier companies or consumers could directly activate or cancel just through the smartphone without having to use a physical SIM card. Since eSIM is already programmed into the smartphone, it allows dual sims on one phone. For example, started with iPhone XS till now all iPhones has an eSIM emitted in the phone. Therefore, if users choose to use eSIM they could directly activate their plans through their phone setting after carrier company provide them with instructions, without having to wait for getting a physical SIM card.

Although you don’t need the physical SIM card there are other process or procedures that needs to be done prior to using an eSIM. Since some smartphones do have the eSIM emitted in they also have the option of using a physical SIM card so users would have to first active the eSIM through a QR code or software. This process would install and download the profile of the eSIM, which would be easier for carriers or operators to use or operate. At the same time, it could allow the user to use the eSIM on different and multiple devices without having to go through the timely process. These devices can go from phones to watches or even computers and the line does not only limit to one country but can get two different country phone lines on one phone. Just must communicate with the provider to notify them that you want to use the option of the eSIM.

eSIM if useful to people in the work field since it would not only save them on the money but providing them with convenience. Some people now would choose to active eSIM instead of getting two physical phone and SIM cards. For example, many international business employees who must travel often would choose to use it. Even though only AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon provides it now, but these providers are also what foreign traveler would choose to use. With the eSIM it would allow those who are traveling to keep their previous phone line without canceling and reactivating. This would let the users experience the benefit of dual SIM and not have to worry about missing a call. Through the technology of eSIM many businesses or personal users are able to use the technology make their daily life more efficient.