Bluetooth is a common word in society, however, not many people are aware of BLE which stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. This type of wireless communication is mainly designed for short-range communication. This device repeatedly sends information to channels that have delays leading to 10 milliseconds. It was introduced into society back in 2009 which is surprising because not many people are aware of this technology to this day.

BLE communication only consists of two components that are important; Advertising and Connecting. For example, devices that want to be discovered use BLE Advertising to send out packets of data in intervals. This method is known as “one-way communication” and the device which advertises the data is known as Bluetooth Peripheral. On the contrary, devices that do the scanning as opposed to sending data are called Bluetooth Central devices. The key features of these BLE devices are that it is low cost, small, have a faster connection, and have lower power consumption.

There are many applications for BLE devices such as IoT, health care, smart energy, and advertisement. BLE devises all consumers and retailers to interact and communicate with one another more efficiently and easily. For example, in a grocery store, the devices will track the routes of the customers shopping inside the store, then it will research and gather their data and finally, it will offer an experience that is personalized to their needs.