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WLAN, WiFI 7 & 6

WLAN, also known as wireless local-area network, is a wireless technology that links multiple devices using a high-frequency radio wave. This wireless technology provides wireless network to users within the coverage area. The high-frequency radio wave would be sent out from the server to the base point, also known as router, then transmit to the devices that needs the wireless technology. The wireless network is known as Wi-Fi 7 & 6, where Wi-fi 6 is known to provide the fastest speed of 9.6 Gbps and Wi-fi 7 is said to provide the speed of a minimum of 30 Gbps. For example, at home the router that we receive from our internet carrier would be the base point. Then internet carrier would be the server since it is the main source of where we receive the internet. After having the server and the base point, we could connect any devices that needs the Wi-fi. This could be done from anywhere around the house, after the Wi-fi signal is detected. Now this would provide the internet access to all users to their devices like laptop, tv, or phone.

WLAN has three main components: server, router, and device and with Wi-fi 6 and 7 it would also need these components to successfully provide the fast speed of internet to the users. The server would act like the main source of the wireless network distribution center, where the network would be sent from. Then server it would then be transferred to the router where it would give the users the access to the wireless network. The router acts like a bridge between the server to the devices that way all wireless devices would be able to receive the Wi-Fi service within the range of the router. This could relate to WPAN where Wi-Fi 6 and 7 is part of it because WPAN is the general of the wireless network and the Wi-Fi would be the speed that is going to performance the service to the users. That way users would be able to receive the high-speed wireless network from anywhere within the range of access. Letting users to be efficiently when perform tasks without having to wait for the load of videos or downloads. Finally, this source of wireless network is not open to everyone; it is only available to the users that have access to the router.

With WLAN and Wi-fi 7 & 6, both had provided convenience to many users with wireless network in different location. These places could be like home, workplace, and campus where it would require users to obtain information fast off the internet or from other devices. With WLAN and the Wi-fi 7 & 6 it had created a more reliable, easy, and fast way of communication and experience for all users in any spot and time. Finally, it also bests support all IoT, which had allowed multiple devices to be accessed under one environment without having connection or performance issues.