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IoT device management is a set of procedures, tools, and systems that enable you to deploy, monitor, and maintain a rising number of connected things. The demand for IoT DM is increasing as more devices gain network capabilities. IoT DM is critical for two reasons: pull and push. Smart IoT DM provides the path for improved analytics, thus there’s a definite pull factor. As consumer use of connected devices continues to rise, this is a push factor.

For the devices to truly matter, they must be managed according to some widely established standards and practices that are the foundations of IoT device management. The following are some of the main operations that must occur during the existence of an IoT device: Device onboarding, device configuration, operational diagnostics, device security, device maintenance and end of life. The following essential capabilities for IoT DM are required to complement and improve the processes: bulk device onboarding, remote troubleshooting, reports and analytics, robust integrations, and stringent security. Not only can effective IoT DM keep the IoT expansion under control and enhance device functioning, but it could also make scaling IoT simpler. IoT device management provides a number of major benefits by allowing enterprises to constantly monitor their connected IoT devices. Some of the benefits of using IoT DM are: IoT device registration is now much faster, Improved device management, remote device administration has never been easier and device finding has been made easier. IoT device management isn’t just for companies with massive IoT ecosystems; it can be used for a diverse range of companies and services.

IoT DM is a critical component of every successful IoT system. It’s available from all of the main cloud providers as part of various IoT platforms. They’ll have to prepare for security rules, diagnostics, timely upgrades, user authentication, and more, in addition to bringing all of these devices into their network perimeter.  Since IoT solutions encompass hundreds to millions of devices, you can’t rely on human administration alone; you’ll have to automate as much as possible. Managing hundreds to millions of devices for which you have little knowledge without the context of IoT Device Management will destroy any chances of a positive ROI and destroy an IoT solution.