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As innovative technologies emerge, our standard of living has been rapidly evolving. The advancement of IoT technologies has many benefits in our lives since it helps our lives convenient and improves the inter-connectivity relationship between us and machines. Moreover, manufacturing industries and other businesses take advantage of IoT technology to develop in their specific management systems such as controlling productivity rate, inventory, quantity, quality, workplace safety and tracking real-time data. In the 21st century, almost all industries and companies started to install IoT technologies to carry out their daily tasks effectively and overcome their unique challenges. Plus, tracking real-time location systems plays a leading role in all the company’s development plans. Nevertheless, RFID technology and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) allows employers to monitor employee locations, activities, efficiency, safety protocols, and data collection.

In Real-time location systems, RFID technology utilizes electromagnetic fields to track the activity or location if it is attached to a person or specific objects. Industries use this technology to analyze their operation processes by installing RFID chips in employees’ badges. The benefit of this system allows employers to check the daily tasks done by employees without going over paperwork and it is way more organized. This RFID chips can also track the real time locations of the employees when they are working under different circumstances. In fact, the capabilities of RFID technology have great benefits as it can be used in emergency mustering systems, tracking real-time data, create productive, and safe workplace environments.

Another real-time location system called BLE performs different functions, unlike RFID technology. However, they are used for tracking real-time locations and has the same outcomes. In the BLE system, employees can analyze or scan their work environment by using smartphones or smart devices as a medium. Plus, this system allows employees to have real-time interaction with machines. As a result, employees can manage their productivity rate accurately and avoid time constraints. Furthermore, it can also track the exact data of their supplies and avoid having missing data. Hence, this real-time location system can increase the accuracy of our work performance, and it is an effective tool to use as a security protocol during an emergency evacuation.

In contrast, the real-time location systems are designed for employees’ safety and to improve the management of the operating system in manufacturing industries and businesses. It can help to reduce the costs and improve the quality of the products. Plus, this advantage can also build good relationships with customers since it allows customers to track their estimated delivery time and detailed information on their products. Thus, IoT technology has become a big part of our daily lives and industries’ use.