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Returnal Item Tracking

Based on Adobe Analytics, online shopping in 2020 in the US had a significant increase compared to 2019, accounting for 32.2% approximately $188.2 B and it recorded November 2022 for the first time reaching $100 B. Thanks to online shopping’s impressive increase, eCommerce businesses become popular and remarkable transaction types during and after the pandemic. Unfortunately, the flow of returned products and items is highly recorded along with the huge amount of online shopping, which accounted for 23% on Christmas and The New Year based on Chain Store Age which made return processes and retail supply chain become complicated but required details, careful solutions and quality of customer service.

Therefore, RFID appears to diminish troubles in the supply chain and solve problems for retail partners and customers, manufacturers and distributors. Two exemplified ways in which the RFID system provides its valuable functions to improve returns processes. Firstly, the RFID system helps to reduce shipping errors or mistakes. Based on Logistics Management, $585.000 per year is an amount of money distribution center lost because of picking and packing mistakes as well as time wasting. So how RFID can help? The RFID reader will automatically analyze the item if it is tagged. The effect gets greater of 99% shipping accuracy rate if the company knows how to exploit the RFID system smartly, for instance associating Putting Readers, Conveyor Belts along with Dock Door. Secondly, the RFID system also assists to track items after returning. Why do the companies need to track? Even after returning, items tend to be left and forgotten in the warehouse or inventory, tracking helps companies cut operation and production costs which is part of lifting profits. Tracked items after returning can be managed its location and status, and also can reuse, and resend to new customers who need them.

Besides, applying returned items tracking is a must-have thing. Also, there are many problems related to returned in-store products such as customers do not follow the policy, customers do not get a refund on time and refund do not update on the system yet and returns without invoices will cause inventory managing and accounting problems, etc. Throughout successful businesses on tracking returned items, there are some tips to optimize returns. Firstly, companies should compose a return policy and still solve orders without invoices by searching order numbers, customers’ names, phones so on. It is a solution to keep your customers to stay with your brand. Secondly, companies should have a mental strategy for a refund by offering Gift/Discount/Credit Card for their next purchases and always figure out the reasons for returns for example returns for the wrong size so that companies can have better plans for each problem. Lastly, installing centralized POS software is a key optimization. It assists to integrate all stages of business, managing order history, payment, customers, loyalty programs, and further.

Considering returned items tracking is important as it also needs to measure benefits, effect on return processes, and operation cost. Smart choices bring companies success and sustainability.