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People Tracking

People tracking here does not mean controlling or violating people’s privacy and/or personal privacy but gaining customers’ insights, tracking customers’ changing behaviors, and understanding consuming behaviors towards businesses, retail stores, and so on. Not only do Advanced Technologies count the number of people coming into the stores or direct transactions, but also do these tracking technologies measure customers’ behaviors by motion (location and time), attributes (facial demographic), and activities (eye-tracking). Plus, these tracking technologies are currently cost-effective and have a sufficient level of accuracy. Furthermore, other technological tracking tools can be included such as Satellite Navigation in cars, Mobile Phone Maps, Wearable Sensors, and House Smart Devices which are integrated into all of them to serve humans’ goals and convenient routine lives. Also, geospatial data are analyzed to manage air population, waste, and traffic (Street Furniture Sensors). There are Three trends and convinced reasons in retail stores for people tracking advanced technologies application:
It is cost-effective, moderately accurate, and diversified results. Crossed the Chasm and Emotional Sentiments are technologies in the usage of people behaviors tracking which offer around $10,000 of the cost and 96% or more of the accuracy on effect. Plus, Real-Time Occupancy Solutions are also adopted to follow the instruction of the government for social distance.
Gaining Competitive Advantages through Sensors Edge and AI Analytics Application: big companies such as IBM, Intel, and Cisco adopt these technologies to save raw data and then convey metadata to the central server. Plus, the increase of IoT, Cloud and 5G ecosystems motivates the process of capturing, managing, and analyzing big data. This trend finalizes to create an Edge ecosystem around the IoT platform.
Digital Twin Scenarios are developed from digital technologies which include IoT platform, Deep Learning AI and Digital Twin create a very high impact on virtuality in retail, making a huge change on a positive trend and developing sustainability due to its impressing accuracy.
Technological people tracking tools play a key role in understanding consumers’ insights associated with surveys and in fighting against all kinds of pandemics (such as Covid, Monkeypox, etc.) by monitoring its spread and then offering vaccines, medicines to places where need them most and in forecasting climate change, air population and waste if just looking at positive facets which people tracking technological advancement bring us. Marketing strategies in this modern century focus on creating a better world, studying customers’ feelings, satisfaction, and both mental and physical ways, and climate change issue is an urgent priority to save our planet.