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In big cities, traffic jams are an urgently concerned issue and following this issue, parking is another inconvenient problem where drivers take very long time, make very long queues and even park very far from their destinations. Spotting this situation, stakeholders and investors as well as IT talents along with emerging technologies create innovative strategies and build smart parking lots as we know nowadays and will design more in the coming years by pursuing innovation approach within the automotive industry. Through taking advantages of modern technologies in innovation and in development of parking, it brings humans several benefits of greener environment, less time-consumption, cashless payment, more fresh spaces for cities and even obtains a more energy-effective world. Let check out some remarkable technologies used in parking:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Technology: This is a commonplace device, seen mostly everywhere representing for innovative approach. For park owners, the device helps track parking time of a car and maximize as much possible profit as its useful functions. The exclusive cameras of devices are exploited to figure out the number plates of cars entering and exiting, and the infrared technology is used into device for taking photos of days and even nights.

Cashless Payment Systems: It is an advanced automation technology taking off queues payment, cutting risks of forgetting buying tickets and over parking. Car drivers only register their IDs on the system, associate payment cards with the cars’ number plates, the system will then automatically bill the correct amount. Such a handy experience for drivers and users.

Parking Robots: Drivers only need to reach their booked parking lots and drive away; other things are automatically done. Robots are responsible for dropping off vehicles when booked a parking lot. This service assures parking in a secure space and removing the fear of parking too close to other vehicles.

Smart Sensors: This technology operates with GPS to detect what route to go through users’ location, figure out empty space in parking lot and show users the area. This eliminates parking illegally in restricted areas and users do not need to scan for open spot and drive around several times. This is connected to users’ smart phones- sends notifications of available spot, route instructions to the devices.

Technological advancement in parking industry has high effect on friendly environment as eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and congestion and also saving time-searching for car parking. Plus, reaching digital future and sustainable automotive industry are the ways humans are working on at the moment. Innovative methods throughout technologies have brought us the persuasive way to use parking spaces in modern life.