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In this innovative world, technology never cease to amaze us with its fascinating advancement. Moreover, this can be great benefits to our human beings and machines. In the past, before the development of the internet of things (IoT), manufacturing facilities and industries were more likely to face with issues such as poor management system, lack of secure protocols for employees during emergency evacuations or other purposes, data quality issues, low productivity in the work environment, and so on. However, the development of digital technology in this 21st century can somehow overcome and manage these problems in effective ways under some circumstances, but minor function failures can create unexpected certainties. Employee mustering can be one of the effective ways to monitor the actions of employees and allow employers to manage their operations in manufacturing processes. The technologies in mustering system involve installation of RFID chips in employee badges, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy): using smartphones or other devices as a medium to allow employees to scan their work environment.

In industrial mustering systems, the usage of RFID technology has great benefits for employers since they can effectively and efficiently manage the employees without going over the paper based data. Moreover, the installation of RFID chips in employee badges can track the employees’ location, tracking real-time activity, and it can be used as security protocols such as evacuation plan with fast and efficient communication during the emergency situations or crisis. Plus, this technology creates a more productive and safety workspace for everyone who works under the operation zones.

Using an IoT employee mustering system is the great benefit as it is reliable for employees to collect the data accurately and allow them to make a quick decision when managing urgent situations. Another key technology: BLE allows employees to real-time interaction with machines through mobile devices, smartphones, or smartwatches. For example, if you are working under the inventory management with fast paced work environment, this industrial mustering system: BLE can notify you with the supplies arrival if you are nearest to that location and you can register the completion through your smart devices. So, this mustering system avoids time consuming, and we can carry out the process promptly and efficiently.

Overall, the IoT mustering system is incredible and user friendly to customize or manage the employee positions, responsibilities and expand the operation system in manufacturing industries. Moreover, it can help the employees to navigate the shortest and safest path to travel during the operation. Hence, this system boosts operational efficiency and dramatically increasing the safety of employees.