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Technology has improved day by day, allowing limited resources to work more efficiently. In technical industry, M2M is an acronym for Machine-to-Machine communication. M2M is an advanced IoT system, used to connect and exchange information within devices to carry out a process. By connecting all internet-connected devices, it enables them to communicate with one another. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) assist M2M to process data between systems, which also results in independent decision making. A wide range of tools, devices, and sensors are being developed to facilitate communication and data exchange, whether they are wired or wireless.

In this globalized world, M2M is a key component of the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology system is used by many industries like health, business, and SCADA to enhance their work efficiently.  In this high-tech world, we all are surrounded by M2M technology. We use this system from the time we start our day till the end at night. Like smart alarms to wake us on time, communication through phone or zoom meetings of the office on desktop, from remote control of the car to fitness gadgets everything is based on the M2M system which enables us to work smartly in less time.

How M2M system works

An advanced Internet of Things system consists of several components such as sensors, a Wi-Fi or wireless connection in the device, application software, and radio frequency identification tags which assists in connecting devices and takes measures of various metrics like temperature in industrial or health industry, traffic management, inventory management, supply chain, logistics etc.

The technological advancements in communication have driven a diverse range of industries to reach new heights. Communication between machines via M2M is a linear process that triggers the activities of other machines as soon as one machine acts. This also enhances the efficiency and productivity of machines as well as the M2M system minimizes equipment downtime and maintenance costs. Furthermore, it also boosts customer service by proactively safety measurements and monitoring.

In the digital era of IoT, AI, and machine learning, different payment processes are being revolutionized and enhanced, as well as new marketing campaigns are being developed for different purchasing behaviors. In the world, M2M communication technology has improved connectivity by allowing easy access, wireless connection and data processing in real time to enhance workflow. It optimizes customer service as well as saves time and costs in each industry.