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Fleet Management

Fleet management is an approach to manage companies with mobile work forces and fleets of vehicles to improve on business activities. In the US alone, the market for fleet management software is anticipated to rise from $20.73 billion in 2022 to $67.38 billion by 2029 according to Fortune Business Insights. To reach that amount in the most efficient manner, companies can take advantage of IoT applications in their fleets. With the deployment of IoT applications in fleet management, companies will see growth in their profits, boost efficiency in productivity, and improve on visibility. IoT applications do this by connecting all vehicles and capture a wide range of data.

Depending on the size of the fleet, maintenance costs can rise to millions of dollars. With IoT applications in their fleets, managers and solve the issue before it arises and fix problems that would eventually add up. Greater routes may also be found, reduce fuel used to travel and carbon emissions in the air. The data gathered by an IoT application can also help reduce the vehicles downtime and assist in preventing major accidents and threats by informing the drivers of possible risks.

Some types of IoT applications are cameras and GPS in the driver’s vehicle. The data gathered by the GPS can be used to monitor the driver’s vehicle usage while cameras can be used to maintain surveillance and spot potential hazards in the drivers’ actions. If the vehicles are meant to load passengers, cameras can help protect the driver and their passengers as well as gathering data to get the most optimal passenger count while GPS provides the most optimal route for drivers.

Companies such as Cutech and Rogers are taking advantage of IoT applications to improve their services. Cutech does this by designing a vehicle tracking system. The system provides data on the uptime of the vehicles, information about the location in real time, direction and speed of the vehicle. With the speed and direction of the vehicle, fleet managers can predict dangers on the road and possible concerns the drivers have. Rogers has designed a system that monitors the fleets’ direction. They utilize IoT applications by monitoring fleets performances and offer opportunities to improve the company’s mobile workforce. With Roger’s they provide different solutions that best fit a company’s requirements.

Overall, the use of IoT application comes with many benefits. From improving on the safety of driver to creating more efficient routes, companies with mobile workforces require IoT applications in their fleet vehicles to reach their next stage.