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IoT in tourism helps to personalize and enhance the traveling experience of travelers to foreign countries. IoT applications do this by gathering large amounts of data which would be used to recommend location-specific information that the user may be interested in to enhance the entire traveling experience. According to Global Data’s Consumer Survey, 83% of consumers are either “somewhat”, “often” or “always” influenced by the quality of service or experience. Therefore, by creating a user friendly and positively distinctive experience, tourist can have a more optimistic view of the country being traveled to.

IoT technologies are being adapted everywhere, and hotels are no exception. Some resorts and hotels implement IoT technology by providing an in-room tablet. With this tablet, customers can control their room and have traveling experience. From being able to control the curtains, temperature, and lighting to having wake-up calls or extra services, the tablet can do it all with just a few button presses! These little perks, though very minor, end up having a positive impact on the experience, eventually adding up to making the traveling experience a lot more positive than it would’ve been without.

The locational tracking data gathered by IoT applications come with a wide variety of perks. From delivering messages about local cuisines to considering their present location and updating on public transport. IoT applications garner precise data to allocate more resources into certain sectors at specific times to maximize the tourist and local experience. This in term, makes all the services run as efficiently as possible while minimalizing costs.

Though upfront tourism may be all about the customers, however behind the scenes. Staff members are also another essential part of tourism. They help maintain the quality and enrich the entire traveling experience for travelers.  IoT applications can be employed in maintaining and facilitating important devices so that they can be replaced or fixed before they stop working. For the airline business, IoT technology is adopted and is used to show how much fuel the plane will need to arrive to its destination, if there are any parts damaged on the plane and the data can be used for estimating the downtime requirement to fix the planes. By doing so, travelers can fly safely to their destination without the risk of having human error.

Overall, the value of IoT applications is increasing, data collected to use for calculating more efficient manners that generate the greatest amount of profit. With all industries slowly adapting towards using IoT techs, the tourism industry is no exception.