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Young generations (Gen Z, Millennials, etc.) and just-was-born children nowadays are being received educational high technologies which their grandparents, parents, and older siblings get customed to them. With the technological revolution, humans seem to exploit technologies for working, studying, and even meetings. There are several methods exploiting technologies in education at the moment which are 3D printing, gamification, cloud technology, speech-to-text options, virtual reality technology, augmented reality, mobile devices, social networks, and even robotics and can be more developed technologies, tools, devices in the coming couple years. Thanks to these advantageous methods, teachers and students have a positive interaction and practical effect on the teaching experience as well as effective learning results throughout the adoption of software/hardware, mobile devices, gadgets, illustrative audios, and visual screens and illustrations.
High technologies are displayed in the classroom with laptops, tablets, and smartphones (including social media Facebook, Instagram so on) instead of books, whiteboards, pens, etc. Plus, technologies have a certain impact on positively changing education. Firstly, the convenience and flexibility in learning access to tremendous loads of information on the internet. Students now just sit and collect information they wish to, and teachers are also able to update teaching methods for educational quality. The majority is that students must choose reliable sites for their learning purposes that can be exemplified such as Ted Talk, MOOCs, Podcasts, LinkedIn, Khan Academy, etc. In the meantime, the internet and technology are great opportunities and sources for teachers to design programs, and materials serving visual learning to connect groups and individuals to work together effectively.
Virtual Reality is exploited by computer-generated Artificial Intelligence development and by based on real cases. For example, it’s hard and impossible for Airplane Operation students to understand and imagine how it looks like piloting an airplane so Virtual Reality is used here for teaching and describing piloting skills and solutions when the airplane is flying in bad weather, etc.
Augmented Reality is an operation based on existing and physical cases. The use of tablets, laptops, and smartphones in the classroom is seemed to be convenient for students and Augmented Reality takes this advantage of seeing the real world in a new way. Plus, it’s accessible to develop apps, and software through Augmented Reality thanks to high technology.
In the modern technology era, humans take advantage of technology evolution for modern education. Educational technology encourages the new form of digital communication and exploits smart machines, devices for humans’ demands at an early age to create a bright future but challenging obstacles which children and the young generation should achieve in light of a better world and smart people.