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Technology surrounds us all the time, with constant innovations and advances, change is inevitable. The culture industry is no exception, with all of them being slightly changed with every incremental growth of technology. The culture industry is a product and/or service that’s provided based on the culture of the civilization, nation, or society. There are various kinds of cultural industries ranging from tourism to art, most of which, if not all use some sort of modern-day technology. IoT has the power to gather a large amount of data in an efficient and timely manner. With an explosive amount of data being gathered and increasing by the day, technology can be expected to advance as well. This in turn will affect modern-day culture and how people perceive the culture change.

The internet culture is one of the most rapidly changing cultures, with applications being made or updated every day. On the internet, the video culture is ever-changing, studies have shown through data gathered by IoT applications and others that the attention span of people is decreasing compared to previous years. TikTok, an application that specializes in short videos, takes advantage of this knowledge to create short videos that intrigue its user-base. Eventually, large companies like YouTube added it to their platform as well.

In the foods culture industry, IoT applications are constantly changing the manufacturing process of foods, safety, shipping, and storage conditions. Constant new sets of data are emerging, this data changes the way our technology is. In the past, salting the food was a way of preservation. However, as technology advances: freezing and flash freezing food has become the norm, with few still sticking to the old tradition of salting. With the use of the internet, culture and opinions can be shared. The food industry has been growing rapidly because the consumption of diverse cultures’ foods becoming more normal.

Overall, IoT is a way to improve our technology, and everything is taking advantage of it. All cultures are no exception to this improvement. However, with new emergence of cultures, some of them become lost or forgotten as well. In the medical sector, the way we perceive taking medication has changed. From having natural remedies to prescription drugs and vaccines. These major changes save millions of lives on an annual basis. The music industry does this as well, with findings showing what people like and dislike and artists changing their styles to match modern-day music through the findings.