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Casinos & Gaming Industry

Casino and gaming industry has been rapidly growing in the past decades, with the online gambling reaching a total of $231 billion U.S dollars in 2021. To reach a large market size, casinos need to ensure the least amount of possible cheating while in their vicinity. With the utilization of IoT technologies, casinos and the gaming industry can improve on their security to maximize their profits while still maintaining the excitement. For casinos, this is done by numerous technologies such as RFID microchips which can counteract forged chips and theft, while the gaming industry constantly improves or innovates new gaming consoles and technologies to boost user experience.

RFID microchips essentially make it very difficult if not impossible to steal from the casino. In 2010, a 29-year-old suspect was accused of robbing the Bellagio, a luxury hotel and casino, of $1.5 million USD. However, thanks to the RFID tags embedded into the chips, the value of the chips stolen which ranged from $100 to $25,000 was deactivated and went to $0. It also helps track the movement of anyone with these chips, making it another form of security for casinos. With the data collected from IoT applications in casinos, each table can track how much they earn or lose, and even verify that all transactions are accurate. They can also use the data to maximize profits by gathering information regarding well timed drinks and services to improve on the casino experience.

Everyone has a smartphone now and for the gaming industry, companies are taking advantage of IoT applications in high-tech smart phones by collecting data and improving on the user experience. They are using features that take advantage of the smartphone’s specifications like their sensors, cameras, and pressure sensors. Companies gather a wide assortment of data that keep the user hooked onto their games. From having the user get periodic alerts for events to figuring out where most of the physical issues lie in their games, gaming companies can solve the issues in the most efficient manner by using IoT application. This data can also be used to analyze ads to be more of the user’s tastes.

Overall, the Gaming and Casino industries are very large and constantly changing their ways to provide the best service to customers. With the usage of IoT applications in their respective industries, profits become maximized, human error becomes reduced and issues like theft become next to impossible to pull off.