Artificial Intelligence is a machine with the ability to solve problems that are usually done by humans with natural intelligence. They are artificially incorporated to perform tasks as humans do. This intelligence is created using complex algorithms and mathematical functions. Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It is used in smartphones, cars, social media feeds, video games, and many other aspects of our daily life. AI is helping banks to make loan decisions and it’s helping doctors to diagnose patients. It’s in our cellphones correcting our words or completing our texts automatically. It’s the algorithm that recommends what video to watch next as per our test on YouTube. AI has a great impact on all of our lives. It assists us in determining how expensive our car insurance can be and whether or not we get approved for a loan. Even if we get approved, we need to know an estimated amount of the total loan with the interest rate that the bank has offered to me, and AI helps with that. It also helps us to make big life decisions like when one is about to submit a college or job application, AI might be screening it before a human even sees it.

As we can see internet-connected devices are being used for everything, starting from controlling the home’s temperature to monitoring the air quality. The more technology advances, IoT will become more and more prevalent. But it has also given rise to AI. It’s because AI relies on machine learning which becomes significantly more effective with access to a large amount of data. If we combine AI and IoT, we get a machine learning algorithm that learns from data collected over time, so they become smarter as you utilize them.

When artificial intelligence gets connected with the internet of things, it means that devices like digital assistants, sensors, etc. can analyze data and make decisions and act on those data without any human involvement. Another example of IoT and AI combination is sensor monitoring activity level at home. That way they know when someone needs more or less light. Facial recognition technology is another good example of artificial intelligence that compare the data using IoT. And just like that, IoT and AI will keep merging with each other and create something more innovative in the future and drastically impact our life by making things simpler, easier, safer, and less time-consuming.