Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors

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  • June 22, 2021
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Introduction: In this video by Teltonika, Alexsandras Balionis speaks about Bluetooth Low Energy sensors. He starts by describing the two types of devices: sensors and beacons. When we are speaking of sensors, we are generally talking about temperature, humidity, magnetic, or movement sensors. When we are talking about beacons, we are generally talking about ID sending.
Then, he talks about hardware and software for these devices. Next, he talks about price and the differences in the price for each product. He shows an example of the installation of this technology. Then, he talks about the advantages of BLE, including fast installation, easy installation, easy replacement, error elimination, and cheap installation. Then, he talks about the overall cost of the product and manual labor needed to install the product. After that, Michael talks about the configuration needed to use BLE. He walks through this step by step.

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