Big Data Analytics In Supply Chain Using SCOR Model

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  • January 12, 2022
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Description: Welcome to NAASRM

The National Association for Applied Scientific Research – Morocco (NAASRM) is founded in 2018. It brings together university professors, doctors, PhD students and holders of a master’s of science as well as undergraduate students of scientific studies, derived of all Moroccan Universities.

The association aims to offer training in several fields: Scientific research, Computer science, Languages (in particular French and English), Didactics of sciences, Psychology, Communication…etc. These activities aim at multidisciplinary topics based on the previous themes in parallel with the program of the Center for Doctoral Studies.

The NAASR also aims to favors scientific exchange between adhered teams in order to support the development and dissemination of scientific research and its application in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, Communication and more.

The NAASR engages and supports any action that it considers to be positive and innovative in the sense of

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