Basic Residential Electrical Wiring

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  • January 14, 2022
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Ask the electrician was a website that was started by an electrician back in 2009. The longer he used to work, the more content he used to post. There were 3000 questions answered along with tutorials, pictures, and wiring diagrams. Ask questions on Ask the electrician, you will be answered within the same day with some resources also.

The electrician is a website that will help homeowners, students, and young electricians to learn electrical wiring, about projects and electrical projects. Electrical is a wonderful field in which there are so many high-tech situations going through and it’s an ever-changing field.

He also came up with a book called complete guide to home electrical wiring. This book is available through the website and also available on another website where you can see the sample pages of content and the book is 400 pages long. You will also get a newsletter if you sign up to this website and this newsletter will be consisting of the question and answers that he will be currently working with.

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