Azure VL2 Switch 


Topics: VL2, Cloud Service, Data Center Network  

Transcript Summary: To do the details of the VL2 architecture we will use the resources provided by Microsoft Research. According to the current discussions, the tenants of the cloud service data center should be, first and foremost, agile. The ability to assign any server to any service will improve the utilization of cloud resources. Another essential principle of cloud service data centers is scaling. Through this, we achieve reliability, performance, and low cost. Therefore, VL2 provides agility in a scale-out manner in the design of cloud service data centers. The use of proprietary networks inhibits the deployment of other technological advances, which affects agility. This is a significant issue with VL2. In a traditional data center network, the core path is to connect the data center to the external wide-area Internet. Some of the problems with traditional data center network designs are the reliance on high-cost proprietary routers when connecting data center resources. So, once again, these resource fragmentations significantly impact cloud utilization and thus cost efficiency. When resources are not being utilized and are oversubscribed but do not meet a particular application’s quality of service requirements, this is a loss of revenue and a waste of expense. Because an application may have resources allocated to different parts, it requires a significant reduction in the quality of service. 

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