All-New Nissan Qashqai – My Connectivity


Topics: UI, Tablet, Vehicle Tracking, Computer

Transcript Excerpt

Launching their 2021 Qashqai line, Nissan employs the head line: “Connectivity”. The commercial showcases the humanization of their new smart car and a device that interacts and responds to its user. Notice throughout the commercial, all the language is very personal to create this effect: “helps me navigate”, much as a human would help another human. The cornerstone of the system revolves around the UI which is a built-in computer tablet that sits directly in the center of the car for convenient access. Of the many features this offers, the most prominent is the navigation system which utilizes a built-in GPS not to confuse this with the Vehicle Tracking System.  

Nissan utilizes Vehicle tracking to optimize their users’ experiences. The Qashqai connects via app to your phone sending over data regarding the vehicle. Judging by what is displayed, it serves many purposes in tracking mileage for one, and in turn, the app will be able to plan vehicle servicing and maintenance ahead. The commercial subtly displays another advantage of Vehicle Tracking at 1:12 when it displays the estimated range left based on the fuel level. This can be taken advantage of to control fuel expenses and increase efficiency while driving.  

Nissan utilizes both these features to create a comfortable UI for users while simultaneously utilizing the Vehicle Tracking data to provide useful information to optimize the customers experiences.   


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