After swarm drones, China now develops ‘Mini aircraft carrier’ to train PLA navy to counter drone menace.

EurAsian Times

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After showcasing swarm drone technology, China has now developed a naval platform to train its forces to defend against drone swarm threats. Drone swarm is a concept of deploying a cluster of small unmanned aerial vehicles in hostile airspace. China conducted a test involving a swarm of loitering munitions or suicide drones, deployed from tubular launchers. On their own, drone swarms are known for their inherent ability to confuse and overwhelm an adversary’s  defences. This makes it very difficult for the opponent to prioritize threats and allocate its own resources in an effective manner. Additionally, a networked drone swarm provides great flexibility to its operator as a single unmanned aerial vehicles is not responsible for conducting the various mission sets. the task is distributed among the entire cluster of these unmanned aerial vehicles.   


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