Adding The Click Funnels Plugin To Your WordPress Site

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  • January 13, 2022
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Topics: WordPress, Plugin, ClickFunnels, Favorcon

Transcript Summary

Adding a plug into a WordPress site will be connected to your quick funnel page. To set this up, we need a WordPress site and admin access to that site. Install plugin made by clicking funnels, this actually keeps you on the WordPress website and funnel can be clicked directly from the plugin. Click expand, select and copy it. Now go to a WordPress site, navigate through left and click Add new under plugin menu. Click on it and type click funnels, click enter, and there you can see Edison LLC. Install it and click activate. Once it is activated you will have an option ClickFunnel in the WordPress site. Click directly on this option and enter your email Id and API key. After entering this you will see there are two checkboxes and now it will be connected to your ClickFunnel account. Now go to your setting tab, select how you want your display. You can also use funnel favorcon or WordPress favorcon and make sure to update it. You can also add an additional tracking snippet and save it. This was step by step process to add a plugin to your WordPress website.


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