Adding a button to your Wix website to sell digital gift cards


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Transcript Summary: Adding customized buttons is a great way to get people to take action. Buttons can be easily added to your website and can be customized in terms of text and theme. Go to add button and click the option. There will be many options to choose from. There are many texts and icon buttons when you scroll down. All the buttons come with placeholder text and icon buttons. 

Choose one and add it to your website. By clicking the button, you can see several options to change text layout, customize the designs, add animations and also add a link. When you click the button, there is an option to change the text. You can also link a page to your website, simply select a page and click the dropdown menu. Here you can choose where you want your visitors to go. Buttons can be added to take your visitors to watch a specific video or an article. To do this, select the button, click the link, and enter your full URL. You can also choose designs here and customize your designs here. You can customize your color and customize the border that your button will have. You can also add various thicknesses to your buttons. You can also add 3D effects and enable shadows to your buttons. Font size, the theme can also be changed. To look at the final customized button, click on the preview to see how your button looks like. This is how buttons can be added to a website easily. 

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