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Transcript Summary: Widget is a platform where you can embed a vigaro page onto another platform like your own website, your blog, etc. Customers can book your service or purchase directly from your vigaro account. Adding a widget to multiple platforms can allow you to reach more potential customers. 

To build a widget and embed it to your website, first access the widget builder and click marketing from the top. On this page, there are all the tools available to market your business, but our main focus is widget builder. Click on the widget builder option it will take you to a page where you can design your widget. Below this page, you will be able to see a preview on mobile and desktop of your widget design. This section, will not show your actual service or product. 

You can see the Tab that you want for your design, it also has the option that will allow you to show multiple locations in your widget. You can also add your business title, there is also an option to display the vigaro app button below your widget page. You can also change the theme to match your widget to your business style.  

There are options to locate a button on your website, a pop-up option will launch your widget or pop up on the same screen. The new tab will work the same as pop up but it will take you to a different tab. when you click save, an HTML code will pop up. Copy the HTML code. To add the widget to your website, let’s say Wix is your website. Open Wix website, there is an option on the left called HTML. Click on that option, you will get a box. Click enter code and paste your code. Now your clients will be able to book and purchase your items directly vagaro account. 

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