Access technologies from continental with ultra-wideband 

Topics: Technologies, Radio

Transcript Summary:  Ultra-wideband technology can enable new functions, such as secure passive entry. UWB complements the existing short-distance radio standards in keyless vehicle access. It helps to avoid unauthorized access via relay (man-in-the-middle) attacks and therefore makes keyless vehicle access more secure. In a relay attack, the radio signal of the vehicle key is extended by radio technology in order to make the vehicle detect the driver to be in close proximity, which is not the case. With UWB technology, the driver’s location is reliably pinpointed almost to the centimeter. With PASE, it is possible to access the vehicle and start the engine without having to hold the key in your hand. The vehicle’s system recognizes the matching PASE key automatically on approach, automatically starts systems, adjusts customized settings, and opens the vehicle for the driver. This means maximum ease of use as well as maximum convenience: simply get in and drive off Continental’s PASE system. 


Azure VL2 Switch 

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