Access Any Android Device Remotely Without Touching Phone

Technical Dude 

Topics: Android Debug Bridge, Ghost Framework, Software

Transcript Summary: The presenter discusses the concepts of Ghost Framework and Android. Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google to be used for touchscreen devices, cell phones, and tablets. Ghost Framework is a long list that connects and can actually download the file directly or through git clone all. The presenter says to download a file from, so once we’re in overhearing a call when it’s running, a user can open a new terminal and zoom in to make things easier for the user to see. A user should enter less CD or change directory into ghosts and a user could enter to see all the files and folders. The user would not be installed on SH executed so now the command prospects would allow changing the permission into an executable for the installed. The user should enter dot slash installed SH again for the installation process. This will start downloading all the dependencies required to run the Ghost Framework. The next thing you can do is to just go ahead and enter sudo ghost. It requires to have superuser privileges in order to run it so the user will enter the password. The password that is created is made the default one for colleagues. In the Ghost Framework version 5.0, the user enters help. The help would actually show all the commands available as part of the Ghost Framework. In this case, there is a clearer disconnect helping update the optical framework. There were crashes previously about using Android debug bridge and how the user is trying to get access into the system machine.  

The presenter then explains that a cyber-attack change is called the delivery mechanism or delivery phase. Any delivery phase of many different options that we can use is USB. A user can use wireless and in this case an Android debug bridge or email is used as a payload so that when users clicks onto the payload democracy excel or laying for the phishing link. Android debug bridge is just one of those delivery mechanisms that can be highlighted going into Shodan. Shodan is an Internet of Things crawler that crawls through the whole Internet trying to find Internet of Things devices. The web camera rules Android devices and looks for the Android debug bridge. A user can go through the Android debug bridge and show all the IP addresses that are available throughout the whole Internet. A user can also click on search and that can show the IP addresses of the Android devices that a user can connect into the machine. Again, if Android devices are on the Internet, there can be a delivery mechanism and enter connect followed by the IP address. There is an IP address on the Android device as 182168 dot 1.76 IP address connected is highly discouraged because there will be a huge gray area. Once the Android device hits enter, this would send a payload into the IP address and now the system is in the machine. 



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