5G Security Aspects

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  • January 1, 2022
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Reiner Stuhlfauth, Rohde & Schwarz

Topics: 5G Security, Decentralized Network, 5G/6G, Security, Wireless

Transcript Summary

The important presence of 5G technology today and one of its biggest issues,5G security, is discussed by Stuhlfauth. Thus, he goes on to explain Rohde & Schwarz’s new decentralized network concept through which 5G components will be deployed into the cloud, also referred to as “Release 15.” This new decentralized network will bring forth many network functions and services at an increased security level. Main 5G security aspects include a new authentication framework, service-based architecture, secure inter-working, protection of privacy, integrity and security protection, and security for dual connectivity, private networks, slicing, etc. Furthermore, this decentralized network focuses on keeping the permanent identity of the subscriber concealed and will take user data and control data and maintain that both be encrypted, and integrity protected. Stuhlfauth shows the Trust Model in 5G, which uses a hidden master key and geometric comparison authentication. The model demonstrates the use of an encrypted communication between two networks: the serving network and home network over a 5G radio network but also over wireless PPE technology. Next, Stuhlfauth shows the authentication procedure called, “5G-AKA,” which is unique because the master key is not only verified by the home network, but also the serving network, creating a 2-step authentication process. Then, subscriber protection is addressed by the privacy model called, “SUPI and SUCI.” This model focuses on the concealed key, referred to as SUCI, or “Subscription Concealed Identity,” which is used for communication between the device to the serving network and home network. Next, an anchor key called, “KAUSF” is introduced to be stored in the serving network and is used for other keys to rely on in terms of “handing over” information, further allowing for improved 5G security measures.  Stuhlfauth concludes by addressing his audience directly to emphasize the importance of consumer trust to help Rohde & Schwarz to test and implement this technology and bring it forth to the market.


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