5G Innovation


Topics: 5G Technology, 5G/6G, Software, Wireless

Transcript Excerpt

The topic discussed by Intel Network Academy is software-based service innovation for service providers to introduce new functionality to the network more efficiently and faster. The speaker emphasizes that utilizing this platform, which uses standard-high volume servers and applications, reduces the time needed to go to a vendor and acquire purpose-built platforms, and instead, one can test the feasibility of the platforms and roll them out trial basis into the network. Furthermore, the speaker goes into the verbiage and jargon used when working with such platforms and discusses the term “fail-fast.” This describes the platform’s quick and fast experimentation process to create revenue-generating services.

The speaker dives right into 5G technology and the idea that it is more than radio access. This new 5G wireless technology offers millimeter waves that operate at a very high frequency and can replace what previously existed in the communication service provider network to gain greater bandwidth. When working with 5G technology, one will also work with and change the EPC function from a traffic and utilization perspective and packet processing capabilities like FPGAs. When working with 5G technology, there is the architecture aspect, but it also goes further, for example, enhancing the accelerated packet processing capabilities through FPGAs or packet acceleration through DPDK. There is also the use of virtual technology, vector-matrix instructions through AVX technology, QAT technology that implements security applications, and then integrated software. The entire “ecosystem” of 5G technology has many elements that the Intel speaker addresses and emphasizes their importance in delivering services to their customers and the community.



5G Commercialization and Trials in Korea