5G Commercialization and Trials in Korea

Sue Moon, Ann Nicholson, Abhik Roychoudry, ACM

Topics: 5G Security, Security, 5G/6G

Transcript Summary

The use and innovation of 5G technology in East Asia and the Oceania region were revisited by the Communications of the ACM 2020. The article focuses on the cultural heritage of the mentioned region, 5G, and the digital economy.

Nicholson argues about the culture of the area. She discusses the uplifting nature within Australia, as the developed regions make sure to uplift the underdeveloped regions. She supports this claim through the example of cybersecurity technology within the Oceania Cybersecurity Center and how they have helped improve technology in the Pacific Islands.

Moon touches on the 5G technology in Korea and the inspiration it has sparked to innovate further the development and deployment of 5G technology in Australia, as Korea is also leading in the broadband initiative and cellular telecommunication roll-out. Roychoudary addresses that the article also looks at Smart Nation building efforts in Singapore and the East Asian influence over Cybersecurity, Fintech, and AI. Lastly, Nicholson concludes that the challenges face in the Oceania region, especially health delivery, services delivery, and cybersecurity, are all issues that are also encountered at the global level, thus, showcasing the importance of technological innovation in East Asia and the Oceania region.

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